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Brazils president, Sweeney discuss global economy

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney met with Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva this past weekend, prior to Lula’s White House meeting with President Obama.

'Charade' shames Texas

In the middle of the worst crisis of our lifetimes, the Texas Senate has thrown its full energies into solving a problem that doesn’t exist! Even the Dallas daily paper, usually as anti-worker as any mainstream press, ended their lead editorial with “Someone should end this charade.”

ICE-d! Dragnet raids, quotas stir outrage

BALTIMORE—Six-year-old Tomas Guillen underwent chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital without the comforting presence of his father. His dad, Ernesto Guillen, a janitor, was on the way to his son’s bedside when he and 23 other Latino workers and shoppers were arrested at a 7-Eleven Store here in 2007.

Confirm Hilda Solis now!

Congresswoman Hilda Solis' confirmation to be our new Secretary of Labor is now scheduled for a 'test' vote on Tuesday, Feb. 24, in the Senate. This means that she must get 60 votes to stop a filibuster before she can be confirmed.

Senate panel approves Solis as labor secretary

(AFL-CIO Blog) One week after postponing a confirmation vote on Hilda Soli as secretary of labor, the Senate Health Education, Labor and Pensions Committee today approved on a voice vote President’s Obama’s choice to lead the Labor Department and sent the nomination to the full Senate for confirmation. That vote could come tomorrow.

UnionBook: A social network for labor

Original source: Union activists are, well, active. Sometimes that’s a problem on social network sites like FaceBook, MySpace and others that tend to limit an individual’s activity if it exceeds their arbitrary limits.

Global labor needs a global stimulus

“Workers of the World Unite” is back by popular demand. And not just by demand, but by necessity.


Free Liliany Obando!

Liliany Obando, closely associated with Colombia’s largest rural labor organization, was arrested Aug. 8 in what police called a “preventive” arrest. In the process, officers of Colombia’s National Police Anti-Terrorism Unit and Criminal Investigation Directorate harassed her children, seized her family’s personal documents and removed left publications.

In Virginia, military families mobilize

Stacie Burgess, wife of an active-duty sailor in the U.S. Navy, was in the crowd at an Oct. 4 rally of 20,000 in Newport News where Obama urged a last-minute push to register more first-time voters and get them to the polls. She joined a group chanting “O-ba-ma” so loudly it caught his attention. Wading through the crowd after his speech, Obama reached out and shook her hand.

Protect your vote

This year’s historic election may come down to two major factors: how many people turn out to the polls, and how many of their votes are counted.

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