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Navy closes last base in Puerto Rico

On March 31 the U.S. Navy closed down the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. The closing of the base, a victory for the progressive and pro-independence forces of this Caribbean nation, came after the Puerto Rican people won the fight to stop the Navy’s use of the island municipality of Vieques for bombing practice. click here for Spanish text

Support Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia

Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia is a soldier with the Florida National Guard who has served in both the Army and National Guard for over eight years.

Intimidation, fraud mar El Salvador vote

SAN SALVADOR – Far from being a victory for democracy, El Salvador’s March 21 presidential election made a mockery of free and democratic elections.

CPUSA urges global solidarity

The National Committee of the Communist Party USA adopted the following solidarity resolutions during its meeting in New York on Feb. 1, 2004.

U.S. war on Colombian rebels escalates

The beginning of the new year coincided with a new, menacing increase in U.S. hostilities against the Colombian guerrilla movement, particularly against the 40-year-old Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Japanese Communists adopt new program

ATAMI, Japan – Approximately 1,000 delegates representing 400,000 members of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP), meeting here at the party’s 23rd congress, voted Jan. 17 to adopt the party’s revised program and a resolution outlining its basic domestic policies and its approach to world politics.

U.S. companies loot Iraq & U.S. taxpayers

As Americans at home returned to post-holiday routines, the news from Iraq continued a familiar pattern – U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians killed and wounded daily. But sharing the spotlight is the looting of Iraq by corporate war-profiteers, fueling mounting anger among the Iraqi people, with U.S. states and communities footing the $166 billion bill.

U.S. military attacks Iraqi trade unions

A U.S. occupation force involving 10 armored vehicles and dozens of soldiers attacked the headquarters of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions in Baghdad, Dec. 6. They arrested eight of its leaders and members, who were handcuffed and taken away to an unknown destination. The eight were released the next day with no explanation. click here for Spanish text

Miami protesters decry police violence

MILWAUKEE – Most of the 30 or so people filling the Green Dragon Freedom Café here Nov. 26 had been participants in the protests surrounding the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Miami.

Vietnam today

In October, Chicagoans Beatrice Lumpkin and her husband Frank, the chairman of the Wisconsin Steelworkers Save Our Jobs Committee, traveled to Vietnam for two weeks. Here are some of Beatrice’s travel notes.

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