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Israeli-Palestinian conflict explodes

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is escalating to a new crisis level, with unforeseen dangers, including full-scale war, which could engulf not only Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, but the entire region as well.

Soldier likes Military Families story

Sal, our soldier friend in Iraq, was encouraged when the new organization “Military Families Speak Out” (www.mfso.org) started holding public activities in Texas. He writes:

Solidarity leaders say: Let Cuba live!

WASHINGTON – A standing-room crowd of Cuba solidarity activists packed the Cuban Interest Section April 26 for a briefing on the current U.S.-Cuba crisis. Cuba’s response to so-called “dissidents” including the execution of three men who hijacked a ferry has stirred widespread concern among many who have been active in Cuba solidarity. The ferry hijacking was one of seven hijackings of Cuban airliners and boats in as many months, placing at risk the lives of scores of men, women and children.

Code Pink women say no to war

WASHINGTON – Warning that George W. Bush’s war could kill, maim, or starve millions of Iraqi women and children and squander funds needed here at home, 10,000 women, many with their families, marched on the White House, March 8, chanting “Money for the homeless, not for war.”

Editorials: No more Enrons, Wars increase deficit

Editorials from April 6, 2002: No more Enrons and Bush’s war increases U.S. deficit

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