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Congress stiffs workers

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said the Senate filibuster that defeated legislation providing immediate aid for the 140,000 airline workers who will be laid off as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack 'signals an intention to serve workers last and least at the table of economic recovery.'

Companies using war to deny workers needs

Many things have changed in the period since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the bombing of Afghanistan.

Colombian union leader killed

Gustavo Soler, president of the El Paso section of the energy workers' union Sintramienergetica, has been murdered in Colombia. His death adds one more name to the long list of Colombians slain for defending workers' rights.

Children bring cranes to peace park

SEATTLE, Wash. - Sadako Peace Park is a small bit of open space near the University of Washington here. On October 12, it was the gathering point for students from the North Kitsap Options Program of the Gordon Elementary School.

Berlin's first big peace rally in years

BERLIN, Germany - Berlin's march for peace was a joyous moment in tragic times. The peace movement, languishing for years, enlisted all its energy and was rewarded by a turnout of over 50,000 people in Berlin and 25,000 in Stuttgart, plus smaller gatherings in Nuremberg and other cities.

Anti-war marchers: Give peace a chance

HARTFORD, Conn. - Marching from the state capitol to the federal building here, 500 Connecticut students, union members and religious leaders took to the streets Oct. 13 to protest the Bush administration's unilateral military retaliation on Afghanistan.

Stadium opening marked by mascot protests

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - 'I'm a human being, not a mascot!' read a placard carried by a young Lakota Indian here Oct. 5. She was protesting the 'Fighting Sioux' nickname of University of North Dakota (UND) sports teams and a hockey arena plastered with thousands of reproductions of an Indian-head logo.

CPUSA strategizes to end terrorism and war

NEW YORK - Communist activists gathered here Oct. 20-21 for the first National Committee meeting since the body's election at the CPUSA's convention in early July.

Stop Sharon's war

The following is a statement by the Communist Party of Israel.

Hundreds of thousands march in Rome, Calcutta and around the world

Reports from peace rallies in Rome, Calcutta and Toronto.

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