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Workers strike at Domino Sugar refinery

BALTIMORE – The 330 workers at Domino Sugar’s refinery are usually busy this time of year making the holidays sweet. This year, they are walking the picketline to protest takeaways demanded by Domino’s new owners, Florida sugar barons Pepe and Alfonse Fanjul.

Peace actions mark Human Rights Day

Drawn, they said, by a combination of fear and hope, about 200 Louisville, Ky., peace activists braved the evening’s chill and rain to take part in candlelight vigils against an Iraq war.

Uptown youth march for peace and justice

HARLEM, N.Y. – Nearly 1,000 young workers, high school and college students marched here Dec. 14 demanding an end to Bush’s war drive and citywide campus budget cuts.

AK Steelworkers celebrate victory

MANSFIELD, Ohio – The ongoing campaign to end what steelworkers called the 'state of siege' by Armco/AK Steel corporation, ended with a victory rally here at the county fairgrounds, Dec. 14. Steelworkers won a long-fought victory, Dec. 10, when AK Steel announced it will call back union workers after a three-year lockout.

ILWU caucus votes for tentative agreement

LOS ANGELES – The Longshore Division Caucus of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement signed by the ILWU negotiating committee and the Pacific Maritime Association on Dec. 12.

Thousands rally to back NYC transit workers

NEW YORK – Over 4,000 transit workers and thousands of others marched on City Hall Dec. 16 as contract negotiations went down to the deadline between Transit Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Later the union announced a tenatative agreement, negotiated under the threat of millions of dollars of fines and possible jail sentences if the TWU was forced to strike.

Bush warhawks maneuver to justify war

Despite growing world and domestic opposition, the Bush administration is mounting a new high-pressure campaign to force UN support for its drive to war against Iraq.

AFSCME, Cleveland Fed.: No rush to war

With passage of resolutions by AFSCME and the Cleveland AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, more than 80 labor organizations and labor leaders have spoken out in opposition to the Bush administration’s mad dash to war with Iraq.

Racism puts Bush, GOP on defensive

For Mississippians stung by the whip of racism, the firestorm engulfing Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is long overdue. Charles Tisdale, publisher of The Jackson Advocate, an African-American newspaper, told the World, 'With a record as bad as Lott’s, I can’t see why people are surprised. I’ve known Lott for 35 years. He’s always been a racist.'

International notes

South Korea: Crowds mourn two girls killed by U.S. vehicle / South Africa: COSATU celebrates anniversary / Germany: Public workers threaten strike / Mexico: Workers seize factory / New Zealand: Maori health worker wins compensation

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