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Voters rebuff nonpartisan scheme

NEW YORK – Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg sustained a major defeat on Election Day when the electorate overwhelmingly voted down the proposal for nonpartisan elections that he bankrolled.

Victory for science education in Texas

Right-wing radicals recently suffered a setback in Texas when the State Board of Education refused to ban 11 biology textbooks that presented evolution as scientific fact instead of a hypothesis. The ultra-conservative radicals mounted a campaign to prevent the board from accepting nine of the texts for use in the state’s public schools because they contended that the way that the texts presented evolution was inaccurate.

Bush out the door! event in Connecticut

If you’re angry about the suffering and harm caused by the Bush administration’s anti-democratic corporate agenda, don’t miss the exciting “2004 – Bush Out the Door!” reception on Dec. 7, to be held at 3:00 p.m. at 37 Howe St., New Haven, Conn. The event will kick off a year of activism, organizing and coalition building to defeat right-wing Republican control of Congress and the White House.

Lots of sweeping, but not a broom in sight

Television Ah, November! The leaves have changed colors, the turkeys are shaking in their boots, Red Sox fans are preparing for next year, and all the shows on TV are new. It is, after all, that elusive time of the year – November sweeps.

A film guide for the left

Book review Blacklisted: The Film Lover’s Guide to the Hollywood Blacklist By Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner Palgrave Macmillan, 288 pp., $24.95

Karen Talbot, fighter for peace and justice

Karen Talbot, a talented activist for peace and justice whose work was permeated by unshakable internationalism, died Oct. 12 in San Francisco after a two-month struggle against cancer. She was 69.

Exhibit: Rebellion on the Border

“Rebellion on the Border,” a photographic exhibition by labor journalist and photographer David Bacon, is on display at the City College of San Francisco and Gallery 1199 in New York City.

Honoring New Yorks community press

What do these headlines have in common? Undocumented Filipino workers speak out against Filipino employers,” “Special report on Golden Venture: commemorating the tragedy that left 10 dead and 300 undocumented immigrants arrested,” “Brendan and Todd’s wedding,” “To recover a child: a family’s fight with Child Services,” and “Boy’s death in fire follows landlord neglect.”

Emmylou Harris (and friends) shine at Carnegie Hall

Music review Spanning several days and moving from the newly remodeled lower-level Zankel Hall to Carnegie Hall’s main auditorium, country music singer and songwriter Emmylou Harris and friends delighted audiences in New York City on Oct. 21-25.

Drug patents: Rx for profits

An analysis by researchers at the Center for Economic and Policy Research demonstrates that the U.S. government could directly manage pharmaceutical research far more efficiently than the private sector currently does.

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