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United flight attendants OK strike

CHICAGO — Flight attendants at United Airlines have overwhelmingly authorized their union to call for targeted “CHAOS” strike activities should a federal bankruptcy court permit management to abrogate its collective bargaining agreement with its employees, the union reported Dec. 30.

Mass transit faces massive crisis

PHILADELPHIA — The Republican-led state Legislature left Harrisburg last month without addressing the massive budget crisis faced by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Agency (SEPTA). As a result, SEPTA’s board proposed to increase fares 50 percent, to $3 a ride, lay off workers and cut service by 20 percent, all of which will have serious consequences for the region’s economy, environment and quality of life.

Bushs pledge to Africa on AIDS falls short

News Analysis The Bush administration’s commitment to assist African nations in their battle against the AIDS epidemic is increasingly open to question.

Sailor refuses to be part of Iraq war

In a case that hearkens back to the Vietnam era, 23-year-old Navy Petty Officer Third Class Pablo Paredes has said, in effect, “Hell no, I won’t go.” At the pier in San Diego, Calif., Dec. 6, wearing a black T-shirt with the slogan, “Like a cabinet member, I resign,” Paredes, a Navy electronics technician, refused to board a transport ship headed to Iraq. click here for Spanish text

Putting the globe in the World

We’re excited to announce that People’s Weekly World Managing Editor Mark Almberg will travel to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to provide first-hand coverage of the fifth World Social Forum, Jan. 26-31.

Greed worsens tsunamis toll

The Japanese word “tsunami” has now entered our everyday language. The deadly force of gigantic sea waves rolling across the ocean to swallow up human lives, homes and livelihoods, hurling devastation on the shores of a dozen nations, is seared into our consciousness. The United Nations estimates the total number of dead will exceed 150,000, and could go as high as 300,000 if survivors don’t get clean water.

Memo reveals Bush OKd torture

WASHINGTON — During confirmation hearings on Alberto Gonzales’ nomination as Attorney General, senators should question him about a recently uncovered memo that George W. Bush “ordered” the torture of detainees at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and other military prisons around the world, several human rights groups suggested last month.

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