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Author Parenti speaks on myths of empire

GLEN ELLYN, Ill. — “Empires are enormously profitable — for the ruling class. For the people, they are expensive,” noted author Michael Parenti said in a talk at the College of DuPage on Nov. 16. “Don’t think for a moment that the rulers are stupid,” he said. “If you think that, you are being stupid.”

Houstonians demand: Clean the House - Dump DeLay!

HOUSTON — Over 300 activists gathered on Dec. 5 to give Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land) and Vice President Dick Cheney a warm welcome here by shouting, “Clean the House — Dump DeLay” during rush-hour traffic. The protesters gathered in the front of the Galleria shopping center where DeLay was holding a fund raiser in the Westin Hotel. The Galleria shopping center is one of the most up-scale shopping centers in Houston.

Texas Republicans oppose Bush on rice trade with Cuba

HOUSTON — Texas rice farmers and a Republican member of Congress that they elected, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Humble), are angry about President Bush’s denial of their access to the Cuban rice market. A spending bill that included a clause that might have revived sales of rice to Cuba was recently introduced. When Bush threatened to veto the bill if the clause was not removed, it was suddenly removed.

Iraq Communists slain

A memorial ceremony for two members of the Iraqi Communist Party was held Dec. 1 in the party’s main headquarters in Baghdad, at Andulus Square.

Filmmakers reflect on current state of affairs

Many of the films that were shown at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) reflect the ever-changing geopolitical realities. With U.S. imperialism “battling” terrorists around the world, creating fresh enemies daily while curtailing freedoms at home, it’s not a wonder that filmmakers are deeply motivated to address these vital concerns.

Ohio to allow state investments in private firms

CLEVELAND — Hold onto your hats! Ohio’s recently passed Issue 1 could mean a lot of different things. Only time will tell exactly what Ohio voters did on Nov. 8. But voters across the country would be well advised to study these developments carefully, as similar proposals are bound to show up in other states in future elections. Try not to fall asleep as you read on, as the issues are a little complex.

Holding a Mirror to America: A conversation with John Hope Franklin

Acclaimed historian Dr. John Hope Franklin spoke recently at the University of Chicago on his life experience as a scholar, an activist and a person. The talk, facilitated by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, covered Franklin’s personal life and also touched on a number of connected social issues. At the end of the evening, Franklin answered questions from the audience and signed copies of his newly-published autobiography “Mirror to America.”

Nagin campaign breaks new ground

CLEVELAND — Rick Nagin’s campaign in the Cleveland City Council primary this October, while not successful, broke new ground for labor and its allies and contributed decisively to a progressive victory in the final election.

Letter from Cuba: the two faces of Katrina

I’ve been following New Orleans and all the other lesser-known communities along the coast which have been devastated because of deliberate neglect by a government that has forgotten how to be, if it ever was, a government of, by and for the people.

The real New Orleans disaster wasnt natural

When Hurricane Katrina tore up the roof of my house, it didn’t care that I’m Black. My white neighbors, like my Black neighbors, saw trees fall on their homes and saw their refrigerators rot and mold. They, like I, lived without electricity or phone for over a week after that color-blind natural disaster.

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