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Undermining democracy: concise history of U.S.-Haiti relations

The tragic tale of contemporary Haiti is one of the stories most misunderstood and neglected by the mainstream media. Peter Hallward’s “Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment” provides a concise, sweeping account of recent Haitian history. It reveals how the U.S., Canada and France undermined two elected governments in that Caribbean nation.


Sometimes, nonsense makes the most sense

For those who admire Coen Brothers comedies, “Burn After Reading” is as good as expected, and maybe a little bit better. It has the same heavy-handed satirical style as earlier works, and its humor is just as bewildering. The “plus” is the meaning.

Congressional Black Caucus conference to address housing, health crisis

Over 17,000 people are expected to attend the 38th annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative weekend which begins Wednesday with an event sponsored by the Washington DC City Council. The CBC meet is being held under the theme “Embracing the Promise, Realizing the Vision.”

A complete guide to the Wall Street crisis

The week of September 15, 2008 has been a dramatic and unprecedented period in the world of high finance. The economic crisis is not over despite what some pundits and politicians have claimed. A series of government interventions have changed the map of banking and finance.


Shades of Green: Sept. 20, 2008

Texans struggle with Ike

HOUSTON — As the death toll rose to 47 from Hurricane Ike, the Bush administration attempts seem like a re-run of the disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Already stories abound of poor FEMA response to the catastrophe which hit the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston, considered to be an area which strongly supported Bush in the past.

Police violence and GOP

Minnesota is known for its friendly hospitality, so much so that the phrase “Minnesota nice” is often used.

Are they really for democracy at the workplace?

The labor movement, backed by a clear majority of the public, has made enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) a central issue in the 2008 elections. (At the Democratic National Convention in Denver hundreds of union delegates were running around explaining to other delegates why restoration of the right of workers to form unions is the first step in turning around the American economy.)

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