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Campaign launched to stop violence against Iraqi women

Iraqi women are being killed and subjected to all forms of violence every day. What they have suffered in the city of Basra is perhaps something unprecedented in Iraqi society.

Hunger strikers protest indigenous oppression in Chile

Five Chilean hunger strikers, four of them members of the indigenous Mapuche people, are playing a leading part in the struggle of the country’s indigenous people for economic and civil rights.

Latin American labor and solidarity activists gather in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico — Winning justice for the Cuban Five, now serving long and unjust sentences for trying to defend their country against U.S.-based attacks, was a special focus as labor and solidarity activists from throughout the Americas gathered here last month.


Big change starts in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa – If an 11th hour Obama rally, that brought over 1,000 voters out into sub-zero cold to Hoover High here on Jan. 2 is any indication then the 2008 elections are bound to make significant history.

Iraq: Is U.S. surging trouble?

Bloody suicide bombings continued to slaughter dozens of Iraqi civilians in recent weeks, and a new United Nations report says that 2 million Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition, disease and disrupted schooling.

Whose way of life is at risk? Not yours

Each year as the calendar moves toward the New Year, I find myself thinking about Dick Cheney. The vice president once called energy conservation a “matter of personal virtue” not part of a national energy plan. It was a backhanded compliment, likening people who practiced conservation to some quaint religious sect — pious but outside the American mainstream.

Fidel Castro sends greeting to Cuban parliament

‘There hasn’t been a day in my life in which I haven’t learned something’ The following note and message from Fidel Castro was sent to President of the Cuban National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon on Dec. 27, 2007. It was then sent out to press outlets via e-mail.

Movie Review: Charlie Wilsons fascist war

I went to see Charlie Wilson’s War last night and was surprised that the title was not “The South shall rise again.” The movie attempts to glorify an alcoholic, sexist East Texas fascist congressman named Charlie Wilson for his role in funding the Mujahadin.

Movie Review: Sweeney Todd, the boring barber of Fleet Street

The overall look of the film is classic Burton from top to bottom, the distinctive deep contrasts and Gothic tones. The musical-turned-movie was quite ripe for Burton's flare for the macabre.

World Wide Work reviews books, music and more

This edition of the free bulletin, World Wide Work, is published by the American Labor Education Center, an independent nonprofit founded in 1979. Here are reviews of music, books, films and more.

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