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Israeli occupation robs Palestinian records, lands

TEL AVIV – Indicative of the political strategy of the Sharon regime is the systematic robbery of archival material. 20 year ago, in the Lebanon capital Beirut, temporarily occupied by the Israeli army under 'Defense Minister' Sharon, the Palestinian Institute of Culture and Statistics was emptied by Sharon’s troops, all the documents and files, as well as works of art, had been confiscated and shipped to Israel. No one knows what has become of it.

The United Airlines bankruptcy

On Dec. 9, United Airlines, the world’s second largest, filed for bankruptcy. USAir, Swissair and Sabena preceded it to court this year.

Chicago City Council to consider anti-war resolution

CHICAGO – Growing opposition to President Bush’s plans for war with Iraq was again revealed by the enthusiastic response to an anti-war resolution submitted to the Chicago City Council in early December. If the resolution is approved, Chicago will be one of the growing number of towns and cities to approve an anti-war statement.

Trent Lott must resign

'There’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the Negro race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our schools and into our homes.' – Strom Thurmond, at his acceptance speech after being nominated to run for president on the States’ Rights Democratic Party in 1948.

Organizing the unorganized

An interview: Stewart Acuff, AFL-CIO organizing director In a recent issue of Work in Progress, the AFL-CIO announced that its 66 affiliated unions had added 216,585 new members since Jan. 1, far short of the 400,000 needed to counter membership declines due to retirements and job losses. (see below for related story)

U.S. strategic interests on Korean peninsula

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea this week called on the U.S. to negotiate a nonaggression pact between the two nations, saying it is the only way to avoid war. The statement was the latest in a series of DPRK initiatives in an attempt to normalize relations with Washington.

Afghan refugees face unbearable conditions

Afghanistan is bracing for the repatriation of 1.5 million refugees from Pakistan, according to an agreement to be signed in Geneva next month, which was announced Dec. 13. Beginning this spring, 400,000 refugees will be repatriated each year for the next three years.

As racism pervades the body politic, A new civil rights movement grows

Trent Lott’s racist remarks earlier this month may have served to strengthen a growing civil rights movement to defend affirmative action. The Supreme Court agreed on Dec. 2 to hear Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger, which have been described as the most significant civil rights cases since Brown v. Board of Education in 1954.

Poetry: Top carpenter

Poetry Top carpenter Hello, Jesus, have we met before? You’re a carpenter. So am I.

Films worth seeing

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