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CUNY conducting an anti-immigrant tuition policy

NEW YORK – The Professional Staff Congress (PSC) has rallied a coalition of elected, labor, religious and community leaders to condemn the City University of New York’s (CUNY) recent tuition increase for undocumented and out-of-status immigrant students.

Enron and the class struggle

Were the consequences not so serious, the Enron debacle would have the makings of quite a comedy. Never have so many capitalists, CEOs, bankers, accountants, stockbrokers, media moguls and politicians all conspired to loot so many pension funds and defraud small investors, consumers and each other.

Bush opens forests to logging

WASHINGTON – The nation’s number two forest official issued a precedent-setting decision Dec. 17 that could greatly affect America’s National Forests.

Argentina crisis points to U.S.

Health-care activists in the United States, especially those who follow the international activities of the greedy, ravenous medical industrial complex, see the economic crisis taking place in Argentina as, in part, caused by U.S. corporate interests.

Feed the children

Many Americans might be shocked to learn that in our wealthy nation, where there is so much food available in wastefully large portions, millions of children still go hungry every day.

Arizona county adopts living wage

TUCSON, Ariz. – Pima County, Ariz.’s second most populous, became the latest jurisdiction to adopt a “living wage” ordinance. When the 3-2 party line vote was announced security guards and janitors hugged each other with joy.

Steelworkers fight to save benefits

WARREN, Ohio – United Steelworkers of America (USWA) officials have been busy holding informational meetings for workers and retirees in those communities affected by LTV’s latest declaration of bankruptcy.

So that the pursuit of peace will take precedence ...

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered for many things: his commitment to non-violence, to civil rights and civil liberties, to economic justice, against racism, for African-American equality and for his support of workers fighting to organize unions.

Court rules against Bush anti-labor order

The Bush administration’s steamroller against workers’ rights ran into a detour last week when, for the second time a federal court threw out one of the president’s union-busting Executive Orders.

Colleges take stand against the war

Since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 much discussion and debate has taken place among educators and on college campuses as to how the U.S. should respond, the history of U.S. foreign policy and whether or not the Bush sdministration’s policies will actually stop terrorism. Full text of resolutions and other resources available through this link.

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