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War on terror makes world more dangerous

On the surface, the prosecution of the war in Afghanistan has gone well in the eyes of the Bush administration.

Stop Bush from closing Womens Bureau

Do working women need a federal agency to deal with their concerns as wage earners?

State budget woes threaten social program

District Council 31 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers is part of a coalition that has so far blunted Illinois Gov. George Ryan’s attempt to ram $500 million in budget cuts through the state legislature. Illinois is one of 39 states faced with declining revenues and the need for increased spending.

Steelworkers fight for jobs

LTV Corp. is robbing steelworkers, their families and communities of jobs, benefits and a future. Questions are being asked that directly affect 7,500 LTV steelworkers and 60,000 retirees in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. To visit the United Steel Workers of America website, click here.

Cuban government issues statement on Guantanamo

In a recent statement, the government of Cuba offered its cooperation to the U.S. as well as providing medical and other humanitarian services to the prisoners of the war in Afghanistan held at the Guantanamo U.S. naval base. To view the entire press release from the Cuban Government, click here.

Honor King - end poverty, racism and war

Dr. Martin Luther King’s message of peace, jobs and freedom is resonating loudly at holiday celebrations in Connecticut. In the past months, 19,500 jobs have been lost, with 20,000 more projected.

Enron put Bush in White House

Craig McDonald, director of Texans for Public Justice (TPJ), scoffed at President George W. Bush’s clumsy attempts to distance himself from Enron Corporation. To visit the Texans for Public Justice Website, click here.

Muhammad Ali: a champion of the people

The film Ali begins and ends with a heroic victory for an athlete of incredible talent.

This holiday season one man was 'grounded at zero'

NEW YORK – As our driver made his way through the streets, I wondered what to expect when I got there. How would I feel? Would it be as I had imagined? All my questions were about to be answered.

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