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Fla. seniors fight for jobless

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.– The Florida chapter of the Alliance of Retired Americans (ARA) called on Congress and the Bush administration last month to double the weeks of jobless benefits to 52 weeks and provide health insurance coverage under Medicare to all 8.3 million unemployed workers as the economic recession deepened.

End before-school chaos

Is that vision of the ideal TV family of the 60s still locked in your memory every morning – the smiling Mom and Dad leisurely discussing the coming day over a nourishing breakfast with their loving, well-organized children?

A people's health agenda for the new year

The political action agendas for labor and people’s movements in 2002 will be crucial to the next decade of social progress.

Indiana AFL-CIO hears steelworker president

INDIANAPOLIS – On Dec. 17 over 350 union delegates assembled here for the 22nd Indiana State AFL-CIO convention.

Life and debt in Dallas

DALLAS – Activists from the civil rights, environmental, labor and peace movements have already come together in here as the new year begins. At least three joint actions have brought the formerly separate groups closer together.

Honor Dr. King on his Birthday

When we marched to make Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday a national holiday we never dreamed what it would become.

Layoffs don't make airlines safer

CHICAGO – After getting a $15-billion bailout, major airlines then used Sept. 11 as a pretext to eliminate meals on most domestic flights.

700 attend State of the Black World conference

ATLANTA – The State of the Black World Conference was held here Nov. 28-Dec. 2 with 700 African Americans, Africans and African descendents from England, the Americas and many Caribbean Islands, including Cuba.

Homelessness rises across the nation

The first storm of the season brought more than snow and cold to the thousands of homeless people in New York City.

What caused the crisis in Argentina

The Communist Party of Argentina (CPA) hailed the victory of the mass uprising led by the United Left that has forced the resignation of four presidents in Argentina in the past two weeks. For the homepage of the CPA, click here. (En español)

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