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Steve Earle in concert

'If you want to reach me; just check out our web page; or, just ask John Ashcroft – he knows where we are.'

Toronto International Film Festival 2002 Part 3

Progressive Cinema This year there were over 50 feature-length documentaries at the Toronto International Film Festival, almost doubled from last year. In the last column we discussed those from the U.S., but some of the finest came from other parts of the world.

Your blue jeans trail of misery

Blue is normally my favorite color, but after my recent trip to Lesotho I will have to reconsider. The water I saw exiting two clothing manufacturing plants and entering nearby fields was the color of ink.

New trends in Latin America

Opinion Important political changes are taking place in Latin America. In Brazil, at the head of a center-left coalition led by the Workers Party and the Communist Party of Brazil, running on a program of change, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva won the presidency of the largest country in the continent, arousing a strong feeling of hope in the 170 million Brazilians who – in the phrase coined after the release of the election results Oct. 6 – overcame fear.

Louisville passes living wage ordinance

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – On Nov. 26, workers here won a major victory when the Board of Alders passed a Living Wage Ordinance by a vote of 9 to 1.

Transit bosses create conditions that killed two: Labor contract deadline is Dec. 15

Workers Correspondence Light maintainer Kurien Baby and signal maintainer Joy Antony would be alive today had the New York City Transit, part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), enforced track safety rules. Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) Local 100 has been demanding greater enforcement for months.

Henry Kissinger

With the appointment of Henry Kissinger to chair the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, we are reprinting excerpts of this column from 1971. The full text will appear in People Versus Profits, the Columns of Victor Perlo, to be released by International Publishers in the Spring.

Hate groups meet resistance in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE – White supremacist groups held a march and rally Nov. 23 terminating on the steps of the Federal Courthouse here, drawing 50 to 60 participants and more than a thousand counterdemonstrators. This corresponded with predictions based on previous racist rallies, which took place in Madison in 1999 and in the Janesville-Beloit area in 1997.

Democratic HADASH front chooses Knesset candidates

TEL AVIV – The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (HADASH) 400-member council met Nov. 30 to elect its candidates for the January 28 general elections.

Sharon fakes peace talk for elections, Bush support

TEL AVIV – In the wake of his landslide victory for the Likud party chair and candidacy for premier in the January 28 general elections, the veteran hard-line warlord and incumbent PM Ariel Sharon enters the eve-of-election campaign with his latest shenanigans.

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