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Horn on the horn

The Thrill and the Agony This week in sports by Chas Walker Horn on the horn It is a “cell-abration” that few will forget.

On the picket line at Safeway

OAKLAND, Calif. – “I’m here to fight for my benefits,” said Teresa Gonzales. Gonzales is a picket captain for the United Food and Commercial Workers union from Hawaiian Gardens in Southern California.

New video exposes Bushs lies

Review “Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War” Produced and directed by Robert Greenwald, in video or DVD format, 56 minutes, $14.95. By Todd Tollefson

Heartbeat of Buena Vista Ruben Gonzalez, 84, Cuban pianist

HAVANA (AP) – Cuban pianist Ruben Gonzalez, who found new fame in the mid-1990s playing with Compay Segundo’s Buena Vista Social Club band, died Dec. 8 in Havana. He was 84.

The L factor: Icons of Latino art and politics

NEW YORK – Latino art in U.S. culture, like Latinos themselves, cannot be easily categorized or narrowly defined. A bold new exhibit at Exit Art provides a box-of-chocolates sampling of a new generation of Latino artists which ranges from the humorous to the eclectic to the bizarre to the sublime.

Wheres Santa?

Review Children at Risk: Protecting New York City’s Youths, 1653-2003 The New-York Historical Society 2 West 77th Street New York City Through April 4, 2004

How much for that dog?

Every so often, while I’m out walking my dogs, someone offers me money for my well-behaved beauties. Sometimes it’s just a playful and friendly joke – people are often inspired to say friendly words at the sight of such happy dogs.

Phil who? Ochs legacy continues today

For those not fortunate enough to recall, Phil Ochs was one of our nation’s most profound folk singers in the period that bridged the Civil Rights, antiwar and feminist movements.

A must-see film on the great theft of 2000

Review Imagine being an African American pastor never arrested for anything in your life. You show up at the polls on election day and are told you can’t vote because you’re a convicted felon.

The perfect gift for the holidays

Each year it seems the holidays come a little earlier. Before you’ve put away your bathing suits and sunscreen, bells are jingling and kids are lined up to see Santa.

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