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Communists assess election results

NEW YORK — “The right-wing stranglehold on Congress has been broken,” Joelle Fishman, chair of the Communist Party USA’s political action commission, told a meeting of its national committee here, Nov. 18-19.


India: Union to organize IT workers Sweden: Unions resist gov’t attacks on workers Zambia: Gov’t seeks revenue increases, expanded social services Great Britain: Oxfam condemns rich nations for putting patents before people



Stem cell amendment win provides lessons

Missouri voters narrowly approved Amendment 2, 51 percent to 49 percent, making Missouri the first state to amend its constitution to protect stem cell research and therapies allowed by federal law.


Postal workers protest service cuts Raytheon machinists on strike Minnesota Legislature goes union SEIU kicks off 2008 campaign Steelworkers file NAFTA complaint against Mexico

Workers Correspondence

Contract gains for New York teachers Right wing ousted in Arkansas Texans were great


Philippines: Labor group protests repression South Africa: UN links water shortages to inequality Mexico: Victory for same-sex couples Austria: World unionists join forces Japan: Big turnout for left-wing festival


UN condemns U.S. blockade of Cuba, again

In what has become an annual exercise, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Nov. 8 censuring the U.S. blockade of Cuba. This year the resolution, introduced by Cuba, won the support of 183 nations — a new high — with only four opposing votes: the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau. Micronesia abstained.

Sanders win highlights independent politics

BURLINGTON, Vt. — When Bernie Sanders, the eight-term independent congressman and self-described “democratic socialist” from Vermont, swept to victory in the race for U.S. Senate last week, it was the culmination of 30 years’ work building an independent political base.

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