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The second 100 hours

Let’s not let the budget deficit be used as an excuse to block legislation to meet the needs of working-class Americans.


Australia: Unions form global alliances Guinea: Campaign to end female genital mutilation Cuba: Infant mortality rate at new low China: Global warming to cause food shortages Canary Islands: Desperate, dangerous crossings

A working-class hero

NEW YORK — Ordinary working people can do extraordinary things. Wesley Autrey, an African American NYC union construction worker, proved that Jan. 2 when he jumped in front of a speeding subway train to rescue a stricken man.


Windy City elections show growing class divide

CHICAGO — The chorus from the famous labor song “Which Side Are You On?” may turn out to be a refrain in the February city elections here. The city’s Chamber of Commerce threw down the gauntlet when it declared it had a hit list of aldermen who voted for a “big box” living wage ordinance last year.


Mayor Dellums takes office in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. — An exuberant, standing-room-only crowd of well-wishers mirroring the city’s diverse population packed the 3,000-seat Paramount Theater Jan. 8 to celebrate the inauguration of former Congressman Ronald V. Dellums as mayor.

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