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NY students fight higher ed cuts

On Aug. 19, Governor David Paterson called the legislature into special session to address the state’s growing fiscal crisis. One of the biggest targets is the higher education system. Students are not taking it lying down.


The lefts lasting legacy

Historian William Pelz, author of several previous books on the early German left, has written a stimulating short history of the European left that spans the period from the mid 19th century to just after World War I.

Nas lends star power to take on Fox News

NEW YORK — Standing next to a large sign blaring “Fox News: Your Source for Racist Smears,” Hip Hop artist Nas along with and recently delivered over 620,000 signatures demanding Fox News end biased news reporting.


Some mid-summer-night reads

Here are a few choice books for summer reading brought to you by writers and readers of the People’s Weekly World.

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