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Passing EFCA is single most important thing for worker safety

The first and foremost thing workers can do to protect their safety and health is to join a union. Without a union to protect them, rights to safe and healthful working conditions are a legal abstraction.

AFL-CIO, SEIU leaders take off gloves in Solis fight

Original source: After keeping a low profile while GOP legislators blocked Obama's Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis because of her support of the Employee Free Choice Act, top labor leaders today came out swinging. The right-wing has seized on the newly revealed tax problems of her husband and her unpaid, ceremonial position with a pro-union organization, American Rights at Work, claiming a conflict of interest.

Working families need jobs; Senate Republicans want tax cuts for wealthy

Original source: With the nation’s economy sinking deeper and deeper into recession and more and more workers losing their jobs, Senate Republicans are playing a partisan game of ideological chicken over President Obama’s economic recovery package. They appear to be saying, “Give us even greater tax cuts for big business and millionaires, or we will do all we can to kill this bill.”

President Obama: Labor is 'part of the solution'

Friday, was the second of two big days for labor at the Obama White House, as the new president continued the process of reversing Republican measures. On Thursday the administration signed a new law insuring equal payand giving workers more time to file suits.