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Bring troops home from Afghanistan

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote before Memorial Day on funds to continue the Iraq and Afghanistan wars through Sept. 30. The House of Representatives has already approved a supplemental appropriation, but we can still urge our senators to focus spending on ending both wars as soon as possible.

Red Cross says US bombs hit civilians in Afghanistan

Women and children were among the victims of a US air raid in Afghanistan, the Red Cross have confirmed. The International Committee of the Red Cross reported on Wednesday that its officials had seen women and children among dozens of bodies in two bombed villages.

Russia permits US forces on territory

Reposted from Morningstar RUSSIA said on Friday that it will allow US military supplies for Afghanistan to cross its territory. Moscow has agreed to open routes for 'non-lethal' supplies. It will provide an important alternative to roads through Pakistan, where locals have frequently attacked convoys.

Drugs and death in Afghanistan: What happened to Spc. Juan Torres?

Army Specialist Juan Torres had his whole life ahead of him. At 25, Torres (known as John to most of his family and friends) had an accounting degree from the University of Houston and a good job waiting for him back home. He had savings in the bank and was planning his wedding to his girlfriend of seven years, Elizabeth Wise. click here for Spanish text