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Border Patrol in the ER?

Hospital emergency room admitting clerks would become involuntary agents of the Department of Homeland Security under HR 3722, a bill being proposed by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif).

Bushs money laundry-ing

Six weeks after Cintas Corp. Chairman Richard T. Farmer co-hosted a $1.7 million fundraiser for George W. Bush in Cincinnati, Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency proposed exempting industrial laundries like Cintas from rules that protect workers from handling poisonous materials.

Foundry worker speaks

Workers’ Correspondence Thank you for last week’s article captioned, “Twin Cities bus drivers fight to save health care.”

The Maestro of Fraud

Bob Woodward called his biography of Alan Greenspan “Maestro” because the Federal Reserve chief is “a conductor, exquisitely attuned to every instrument in the political and economic orchestra,” according to the review.

International notes

Japan: Protest deployment of U.S. aircraft carrier / Greece: Workers risk lives for Olympics / Liberia: Disarmament will start again / Canada: Quebec okays same-sex marriage / Haiti: Protest anti-worker abuses / Brazil: Rainforest destruction levels off

Hearings to probe impact of weapons lab

LIVERMORE, Calif. – While it’s been known for some time that the U.S. government is developing new, earth-penetrating nuclear bombs and “mini-nukes,” a new draft environmental impact statement by the nation’s primary nuclear weapons design laboratory suggests the Bush administration’s weapons program may be bigger than imagined.

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