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Tragedy strikes the Baraka family

On Aug. 13 the city of Newark, N.J., woke up to the shocking news of the death of Shani Baraka, 31. Shani is the daughter of Amiri Baraka, award-winning playwright, civil rights and political activist, and his wife, Amina Baraka, poet, political activist and writer for the People’s Weekly World.

Who is Hugo Chavez?

Film review The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, filmed and directed By Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Briain

The 1937 Memorial Day Massacre: A community remembers

On Memorial Day 1937, hundreds of steelworkers and supporters, led by the Steel Workers Organizing Committee, attempted a peaceful picket of Republic Steel in Chicago. They were met by several hundred Chicago police who, unprovoked, charged the demonstration with billy clubs, tear gas and pistols. When the dust settled, ten picketers were dead and dozens wounded.

PWW/NM a hit at Bud Billiken parade

CHICAGO – The Bud Billiken parade, this city’s biggest parade and the largest gathering of African Americans in the country, has been held every year since 1929. It was started by the late Robert S. Abbott, founding publisher of the Chicago Defender newspaper, as a tribute to youth and the struggle against racism.