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March to support HERE workers

CHICAGO – Even with the threat of rain looming, almost 5,000 people, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE) Local 1 members, families, and supporters marched through the “Magnificent Mile” shopping and hotel district for better wages, affordable healthcare, and respect from luxury hotels here, Aug. 23.

Dockers crash shipping line party

LOS ANGELES – When Maersk Sealand, the largest shipping company in the world, opened its new facility, the largest terminal in the world, in the Port of Los Angeles Aug. 15, it threw itself a grand opening party. But nearly 2,000 fired-up longshore workers and their supporters crashed the bash, demanding that Maersk, one of the hard-line PMA members in the current contract negotiations, drop its push for concessions from the union.

Farmworkers march for historic bill

SACRAMENTO – Thousands of marchers besieged the state capitol on Aug. 25, demanding Governor Gray Davis (D) sign a bill that would make history for those who toil in the fields of this state.

Bush blocks funds for 9/11 rescue workers

At his Waco, Tex., CEO pep rally on the economy, President Bush announced he intended to enforce “spending restraint” by blocking a $5.1 billion emergency spending bill passed by Congress which included $90 million for long-term health monitoring of World Trade Center (WTC) rescue workers and volunteers who were exposed to a catastrophe with potential long-term health and environmental consequences.

Its unpatriotic to steal workers pensions

CLEVELAND – This is what steelworkers are saying as they build a campaign to save their pensions that are being sacrificed on the altar of corporate bankruptcies and outright theft by corrupt executives.

Longshore negotiations Key battle for democratic rights

Commentary The contract battle of the West Coast International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has emerged as a decisive struggle for workers rights and democracy in our nation.

Earth Summit to act on poverty, environment

JOHANNESBURG – The United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) opened on Aug. 26 here. Over 20,000 participants are expected to attend.

Expulsion of Arab teacher denounced

TAMPA, Fla. – On the basis of secret evidence he has never seen, Palestinian college instructor Mazen Al-Najjar was removed from a federal prison, Aug. 23, hustled aboard a private jet and deported leaving behind his wife and three daughters who are U.S. citizens.

Opposition grows to war with Iraq

Growing opposition to the Bush administration’s planned attack on Iraq, even from prominent right-wing Republicans, provides a “window of opportunity” to prevent such a war, Kathy Kelly, coordinator of Voices in the Wilderness, a humanitarian group working to end economic sanctions against Iraq, told the World. “I hope every grassroots group will develop a committed nonviolent resistance campaign, including sit-ins at Congressional offices if need be,” to stop a U.S. war on Iraq, she said.

International notes

Colombia: unionists face death threat/Canada: ‘Big Three’ face big strike/Portugal: Defense minister warns against general strike/Slovakia: Anti-civil liberties move fails/Mexico: Workers aim to block private power plan/Indonesia: Workers protest vs. Nike

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