Print Editions


Books to Help You Understand and Change the World!

Extensive books by Marx and Engels, and selected books by Lenin and other Marxist scholars and activists.


THE ROAD TO SOCIALISM USA, Program of the Communist Party USA

This 78 page booklet containing the Communist Party USA’s program is a guide to action for today’s main challenge: to defeat the ultra-right and expand democracy on the road to an anti-monopoly coalition and socialism.


Working Class Strategy in the Era of Capitalist Globalization

Based on a four-day joint ‘think tank’ of the Labor and Economics Commissions of the Communist Party, USA, this pamphlet explores important questions of globalization facing workers, unions and their communities. Can workers find a global response? Can we make “Workers of the World, Unite” a practical reality?


MEDICARE FOR ALL! A Guide to Single Payer National Health Insurance

A lively 36 page pamphlet explaining universal health care, particularly the single-payer plan (HR 676, “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act”) advocated by Rep. John Conyers and 76 others. Written by health care activist B.S. Rosen & illustrated by Peggy Lipschutz.