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Supreme Court refuses to hear case of Cuba 5

WASHINGTON -- The United States Supreme Court today refused, without comment, to hear the case of the “Cuba 5,” Cuban citizens jailed by the federal government in a case that has generated intense international criticism of the U.S. judicial system.

OPINION: Cuba and Venezuela are not enemies

The Obama administration did the right thing when they ordered the closing of the Guantanemo torture prison, and restored the right of US Cubans to travel and send remittances to their relatives on the island nation.

World figures demand freedom for Cuban Five

HAVANA (Prensa Latina) More than 500 well known intellectuals and world figures have signed a letter to US President Barack Obama to demand immediate freedom for five Cuban antiterrorists unfairly jailed in the United States.

A victory for the Cuban 5

A three-judge appeals panel in Atlanta has granted a new trial to the five Cuban nationals imprisoned in a government frame-up seven years ago. The five — Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramon Labañino and René González — were operating in Miami as a part of a Cuban anti-terrorist operation when they were arrested, held in solitary for 17 months and then railroaded to jail by federal agents.

Cuba fends off U.S. attacks on human rights

WASHINGTON — A crowd at the Cuban Interest Section here applauded warmly March 29 as Ambassador Dagoberto Rodriguez Berrera assailed Bush administration hypocrisy on “human rights” in Cuba. Cuba, he said, will never bow to U.S. diktat.

Milwaukee kicks off campaign to free Cuban Five

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Committee to Free the Cuban Five kicked off its efforts with a gathering here May 19 of about 30 activists and a discussion with special guest Esperanza Luzbert, head of the United States group of the Cuban Peoples’ Friendship Institute.