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South Korea: Gov’t promotes North-South integration Russia: Ford workers on strike Afghanistan: Taliban gains ground Nigeria: Leaders reject Pentagon buildup


World celebrates Russian Revolution

MOSCOW — Over 20,000 people marched and rallied here Nov. 7 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The date marks the victory by the Russian working class and its peasant allies for political power, sending shockwaves around the world. Commemorative events involving thousands more were held across the country

Colombias Uribe blocks prisoner exchange

Amid recriminations and hyperbole, Venezuela-Colombia relations have deteriorated following Colombian President Alvaro Uribe’s suspension of negotiations toward an exchange of 500 imprisoned combatants of the Revolutionary Army Forces of Colombia (FARC) for 45 prisoners held by the FARC, the left-wing guerrilla movement that has been fighting conservative Colombian governments since 1964.

Jewish Americans speak out for Middle East peace

CLEVELAND — Anna Baltzer, author of “Witness in Palestine: Journal of a Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories,” spoke on Nov. 19 at the Middle East Peace Forum here, a “culturally diverse group” committed to promote a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. Also speaking were Hannah Mermelstein and Alison Weir.

Terrorist Posada is some kind of exception

It was “the first time the case of Luis Posada has been heard before Congress,” said Jose Pertierra, the Washington lawyer representing Venezuela in its request for Posada’s extradition. He was referring to the hearing Nov. 15 called by Rep. William Delahunt (D-Mass.), chair of a House foreign affairs subcommittee.

How to pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Passing the Employee Free Choice Act will require a massive shift in the culture of the labor movement, Communications Workers President Larry Cohen told national union leaders gathered for the AFL-CIO’s organizing summit.


Denouncing the killings in Oaxaca

The Mexican Consulate in downtown Sacramento, Calif., locked its doors Dec. 1 when protesters lined up with signs condemning the Mexican government’s violence against thousands of strikers in Oaxaca. At least 17 strikers have been killed

PWW events salute peoples leaders

Dec. 3 was a day the People’s Weekly World can be proud of. Still celebrating the results of the Nov. 7 elections, readers held banquets and dinners in various places across the country, attracting elected officials, leaders of people’s movements and rank-and-file fighters for justice and democracy.

Colombian prisoner holds Bush prosecutors at bay

An extraordinary trial, remarkable among other things for a novel legal doctrine unveiled by the Bush administration during the course of it, ended as a mistrial Nov. 21 in Washington.


Two films, two journeys

A few years ago, the entire life’s work of French communist director Robert Guédiguian was screened in a retrospective tribute at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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