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Reds go green in new digs

NEW YORK — Communists are using the upcoming grand opening of their newly renovated, environmentally friendly national headquarters here to let everyone know that the “reds” have gone “green.”


Two must see films

No Country for Old Men I’m Not There

Kid Nation, harmless TV or capitalist reality?

CBS television’s “Kid Nation” may profess to be a highbrow social experiment mixed with reality TV, but can a group of early teens and preteens build a viable “society” in a New Mexico ghost town abandoned many years prior?



Organizing News: Dec. 8

Casino workers deal union cards Janitors polish union tools


St. Louis mobilizes against home foreclosures

ST. LOUIS — Housing activists, religious leaders and concerned homeowners launched a campaign in this city’s 18th Ward on Nov. 28 to stop predatory lenders and “fringe financial institutions” from taking advantage of low-income, working-class families here.

Calif. legislators respond to mortgage crisis

OAKLAND, Calif. — As the mortgage foreclosure crisis tightened its grip on California homeowners and threatened to impact the state’s budget, legislative leaders in Sacramento last week announced proposals to address the current crisis and to reform mortgage practices to forestall future crises.


Tanzania: ‘Helsinki Process’ deals with globalization Syria: Iraqis forced to leave Burma: Repression continues Hungary: Communists get suspended jail sentences Ecuador: Constituent Assembly opens


Communists upbeat at world meeting in Minsk

MINSK, Belarus — The mood was upbeat as representatives from communist and workers’ parties around the world gathered here Nov. 3-5 to exchange experiences and observe the 90th anniversary of the Great October Revolution and its relevance for today.

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