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'Country needs our help' — progressives urged to rally around recovery plan

WASHINGTON — With more people filing for unemployment than at any time in the past quarter century amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the head of a key center for labor and progressive action urged “progressives who helped deliver President Obama’s electoral victory to rally around a historic opportunity to rebuild America.”

House set to vote on economic stimulus package

With over 75,000 layoffs announced earlier in the week, the House of Representatives is set to vote Wednesday on a $825 billion economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, HR 1. The plan is said to create or save close to 4 million jobs.


Detroit rally backs Obama economic recovery program

DETROIT — 2009 is beginning as those who voted for change imagined: grassroots groups are turning the hope that blossomed last November into action. In this hard-hit city, organizing is under way to change things from the bottom up.

California budget: Back to Square One, as disaster looms

he Gordian knot that is California’s budget process got a lot more complicated this week, as Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Jan. 6 vetoed a complex of compromise budget measures legislative Democrats sent him for signature, after weeks of talks between the governor and legislative leaders of both parties failed to reach agreement.

Conference asks: Is Wal-Mart good for America?

LOS ANGELES — The UCLA Labor Center here held a special conference on Wal-Mart, June 4. It was educational. It was emotional. And it was packed. Conference participants asked simply, “Is Wal-Mart Good For America?”

Hold your ground, refuse to surrender

Two leading Democratic strategists, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, publicly took their party to task for its “just say no” approach to President Bush’s proposed privatization and benefit cuts. “To say there is no problem simply puts Democrats out of the conversation for the great majority of the country,” they warned. “Voters are looking for reform, change, and new ideas, but Democrats seem stuck in concrete.”

The truth about the unjust tax cut

Americans with average incomes over a million dollars will be handed an astonishing $121 billion in tax cuts in the year 2010 alone – more than all the rest of American taxpayers combined – according to an analysis of the 2001 Bush tax cut issued by Citizens for Tax Justice.

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