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Ossie Davis, 1917-2005: Actor was voice for a movement

Ossie Davis, whose rich baritone and elegant, unshakable bearing made him a giant of the stage, screen and the civil rights movement, died Feb. 4 at the age of 87.

Cuban 5 film tours U.S.

“Mission Against Terror' is a 48-minute documentary directed by Radio Havana correspondent Bernie Dwyer and Cuban television producer Roberto Ruiz Rebo. Dwyer and Ruiz Rebo worked with the families and lawyers of the Cuban Five to make the film, which is touring the country this month.

Call for African American poets

NEW YORK — Caven Canem is currently accepting applications for its annual summer workshop for African American poets. This year’s retreat, June 12-19, will be on the Greenburg campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

How much do you know about Oscar?

When the first Academy Awards were handed out on May 16, 1929, movies had just begun to talk. That first ceremony took place during a banquet held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The attendance was 250 and tickets cost $10. It was a long banquet, filled with speeches, but presentation of the statuettes took only five minutes.

Jim Crow hangs on in Alabama

OPINION The biggest disappointment in the 2004 elections was the so-called victory of the Bush administration. Another disappointment for progressives was that ultra-right Republicans strengthened their control of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Death pitch should have outraged Black leaders

OPINION Someone should have walked out of the room over this. When President George W. Bush cobbled together a handpicked group of Black religious and community leaders for a chat at the White House, he tried to sell them on his plan to add private accounts to Social Security. But while Bush has used youth as a way to sell the plan to people who have come of age after the 1970s and who believe, erroneously, that there will be no money left for them once they hit retirement age, for Blacks, he is using another sales pitch: Death.

Californians fighting privatization on two fronts

OPINION The Alliance of Retired Americans and its California affiliate CARA, along with the entire labor movement, are part of a broad and growing national coalition determined to uphold Social Security against the intense attack being mounted by the Bush administration and its Wall Street allies.


Trillions in red ink / Rattling sabers at Iran

Steroids, Racism and Statistics

On a sunny July day in 1887, Cap Anson of the Chicago White Stockings refused to play a team from Newark unless they removed their starting pitcher, an African American named George Stovey. Thus began the 60-year reign of apartheid baseball in America.

The Deep Sea Strike, 1946

Pages from workers’ lives At age 19, the 1946 Deep Sea Strike climaxed my radicalization into unionism. The drama of the event stamped solidarity into my soul forever. Crews pouring off their ships, marching to the union hall on Fleet Street, the multitude of seamen milling about.

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