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House approves modest campaign finance bill

On Feb. 13 the House of Representatives passed the Shays-Meehan campaign finance bill by a vote of 240-189.

Bush visit sparks protests

MILWAUKEE – When George W. Bush came to Milwaukee to Feb. 11 headline a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Wisconsin’s acting governor, Scott McCallum, local activists greeted him with not one, but two ,raucous protest marches. For the entire article, click on the headline. To read the article on this subject from the Milwaukee Journal, click here.

Sept. 11 families say War, not in our names

NEW YORK – “We do not want the war in Afghanistan or other parts of the world, wherever it might spread, to be conducted in our names or in the names of our lost loved ones,” David Potorti told the press. For the entire article, click on the headline. Click on the following for Peaceful Tomorrows, the organization of families of 9/11 victims for peace, and A20 Stop the War, the coalition sponsoring the April 20 anti-war protests in the US.

With help from a friend, Enron fleeces South America

WASHINGTON – A couple of weeks ago, Argentina’s daily newspaper, La Nacion, was looking for an explanation of the country’s economic collapse, with $141 billion in unpayable foreign debt and five governments falling in the space of a week. They turned over a rock and found – you guessed it – Enron.

Parents to Supreme Court: Kids yes, vouchers no!

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio ruled that the Cleveland voucher plan violates the First Amendment. But supporters of the voucher scheme filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn that ruling. For the entire article, click on the headline. To view the complete ruling (as a Word document), click here, or visit the American Federation of Teachers site for their news article.

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