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Philadelphians move to defeat privatization scheme

The PWW recently talked with Pedro Rodriguez, executive director of the Philadelphia branch of the Action Alliance of Senior Citizens. Rodriguez is also executive vice president of the state Alliance for Retired Americans. In these roles, he is currently busy organizing a regional Coalition to Defend Social Security. Ben Sears interviewed Rodriguez for the PWW.

UFPJ: End war, bring troops home now!

ST. LOUIS — “Bring the troops home now!” was the urgent demand to the Bush administration from representatives of hundreds of peace and justice organizations who gathered here for the United for Peace and Justice National Assembly, Feb. 19-21. click here for Spanish text

1,000 new pages document widespread torture

WASHINGTON — The American Civil Liberties Union released new Pentagon documents Feb. 18 exposing an even wider pattern of torture and abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Seniors, students make Santorum sweat

PITTSBURGH — The third-ranking Republican in the Senate, Pennsylvania’s Sen. Rick Santorum, took to the stump selling the privatization of Social Security Feb. 21, but he stumbled and slipped at a well-informed town hall meeting organized by his office at conservative-friendly Duquesne University. click here for Spanish text

Bernice Linton, life-long communist, dies

Bernice Linton died in New York City Feb. 9 at the age of 92. Born Oct. 19, 1911, in Washington state, Linton was the daughter of a German-Ukrainian mother and a father whose forbearers arrived in the 1600s.

Challenging weighty traditions

Movie review Whale Rider, directed by Niki Caro, South Pacific Pictures Now on video and DVD.

WWII Negro Army Chorus: power of song for change

During the Second World War, amidst global crisis, citizens of many lands reached across borders in solidarity. Though the alliance against the Nazi and fascist assault on liberty was an accepted norm, this was not the case within our own military.

Wayne Holley, steelworker, CPUSA leader

Wayne Dallas Holley, steelworker, scholar, activist and lifelong member of the Communist Party USA, passed away on Dec. 30, 2003. He was 93.

Seniors use films to promote peace

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – A recent Peace Film Festival here screened nine movies over four days in a retirement community of 10,000 residents.

Human suffering a plea for change

Book review Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor By Paul Farmer Univ. of California Press, 2003 Hardcover, 419pp., $27.50

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