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Stanley Nelson: The Art of Making People Think

NEW YORK – For three decades, Stanley Nelson’s documentaries have made audiences sit up and take notice. With interviews, photographic stills, and found footage, the filmmaker’s eloquent works combine historical research and current issues to provide a uniquely intelligent perspective.

Social photographer highlights working class

The work of social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin is unparalleled among contemporary photographers. Rogovin is considered one of the finest social documentary photographers of the twentieth century.

Peoples Culture

The White House has cancelled a poetry reading after one of the invited guests, poet Sam Hamill, suggested attendees use the forum to read anti-war poetry. The event, which was to be held Feb. 12, was entitled “Poetry and the American Voice,” and was to feature readings and discussion of work by Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman.

Humanity, evolution and the capacity to love

Popularizers of evolutionary theory, from Huxley on, have tended to emphasize the idea of competition between and within species, of “nature red in tooth and claw.” Often, this emphasis on conflict and competition has been the means whereby evolutionary theory is enlisted in the cause of bourgeois ideology.

Harold Washington: Champion of equality

Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor, was elected in February 1983 after a bitter fight in which he challenged Chicago to embrace reform and do away with the discriminatory and anti-democratic policies of the entrenched Democratic machine.