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At the movies: Coming attractions

For movie lovers, it always seems to be feast or famine. Either there are so many good films to chose from that you might as well sleep in the lobby, or you’re so desperate you’re actually considering seeing Slackers.

Love and sex at the Met

That statement reflects the heart of “Surrealism: Desire Unbound,” a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, being shown through May 12. The exhibit includes works by Man Ray, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, René Magritte, Giacometti and Salvador Dalí, among others. Much of the informative wall-text about the artists quotes Marcel Duchamp.

Youth and students reject imperialism and war

Libero Della Piana is the national coordinator of the Young Communist League, USA. This is a speech Della Piana delivered at the International Seminar on Terrorism and Imperialism, sponsored by the World Federation of Democratic Youth Dec. 19, 2001 in Athens, Greece.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cuba

Children scamper quietly between family members in the sky-colored church. Churchgoers dressed in a rainbow of colors sway back and forth on packed wooden pews. Skin tones ranging from sand color to caramel to the color of a strong espresso complete the vivid scene. It’s an image of the world that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., envisioned.

Movie review: Check these out

Dinner Rush/Lakeboat

International Notes

Indian peace coalition backs India-Pakistan peace talks/Israel jails 600 reservists/Greek farmers protest government and European Union farm policies/General strike brings Bangladesh to a halt/Iraqi communists welcome visit by U.N. special envoy

Thousands defy ban and march

Munich was under martial law the first weekend of February on the occasion of the NATO “Security Conference.” Democracy and freedom of speech were abolished. It was planned from the start, to suffocate every kind of protest by bans on demonstrations and meetings, turning back people at the borders, controlling them on streets and in trains, placing the organizers under “preventive” arrest and arresting hundreds of demonstrators. Thousands of policemen tried to carry through a total ban on demonstrations.

Support grows for steel production and health care

If there are any dinosaurs as the U.S. economy limps into the 21st century, it is its structure, the manufacturing foundation of the U.S. economy.

Illinois budget debate breaks along class lines

CHICAGO – Like most states, Illinois finds its budget severely stressed. Gov. George Ryan has informed the legislature of an almost $700 million deficit and outlined a program of drastic budget cuts.

Conyers speaks about reparations

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) talked of the “legitimacy and the necessity of the study of reparations” for the enslavement of African Americans in a speech at the University of Michigan last week. Conyers’ speech was part of a number of events planned to celebrate Black History Month at the school.

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