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New insight into HI-virus

JOHANNESBURG, (PlusNews) - New research has revealed the extent and speed at which the HI virus can adapt to overcome the body's own evolving defence systems.

Computer crashed by earthworm

YEOVIL, England, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- A British man said the worm that caused his computer to crash turned out not to be a form of computer virus but an actual 5-inch earthworm.

OPINION: Radical change is required to get out of Japan's minus growth of 12.7%

Japan's real GDP growth rate fell at an annual rate of 12.7 percent in the 4th quarter of 2008. Its total exports fell at the sharpest pace on record. Capital investment and personal consumption also declined.

74 die in Chinese mining accident

A gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in northern China on Sunday, killing at least 74 miners and trapping dozens in the still-burning shaft.

Dumped in Africa: Britain's toxic waste

Tones of toxic waste collected from British municipal dumps is being sent illegally to Africa in flagrant breach of this country’s obligation to ensure its rapidly growing mountain of defunct televisions, computers and gadgets are disposed of safely.

Strikers back in talks after Guadeloupe pay offer

Strike leaders in Guadeloupe resumed negotiations on Friday after Paris pledged to boost pay for low wage earners by almost 200 euros (£176) a month. But the Collective Against Exploitation (LKP), the alliance of trade unions and left-wing groups that launched a general strike on January 20, did not call off the action.

Free trade, jobs and democracy—a look at Singapore

Given the evaporation of 533,000 American jobs last November, the largest downturn in thirty-four years and the prospects for even greater losses, it is vital that we have a public discourse on the cost of free trade and its twin – runaway corporations.

No kissing here

Rail bosses unveiled a No Kissing sign at a railway station on Monday, claiming that the move would cut delays.

Women at the helm, literally

ROME, Feb 13 (IPS) - Shipping used to be for men. Now women are starting to be seen commanding merchant vessels, oil tankers and cruisers, 'manning' ships and operating liner engines.

Zimbabwe arrests MDC deputy minister Roy Bennett

Zimbabwean police arrested a prospective minister in the country's new unity government on Friday, shortly before senior ministers were sworn in. Zimbabwe arrests MDC deputy minister Roy Bennett

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