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Happy 100th, Harriet

PHILADELPHIA – Friends and comrades from Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware gathered to celebrate Harriet Fahey’s 100th birthday, Dec. 29, at Fahey’s nursing home residence.

Wheres the good sci fi?

Movie Reviews My movie buddy and I saw Solaris when it opened. There was no new “Firefly” on the tube that night, so we watched a tape of Star Trek. Since present-time fiction tends to describe the way storytellers see the world today and sci-fi gives them a chance to describe the future, there are reasons to wish that more of today’s artists had a bright, progressive view.

Toronto International Film Festival 2002 Part 5

Progressive Cinema Although the all-encompassing Toronto International Film Festival, with 265 feature films, has its share of Hollywood blockbusters and a seemingly endless array of celebrities, it’s the stunning collection of socially conscious films that attracts most progressive viewers.