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RALEIGH, N.C.: Klan members indicted for conspiracy; NEW YORK: IBM attacks pensions; BROWNSVILLE, Pa.: Hospital closes rather than obey law; ANN ARBOR, Mich.: Students force Coke off campus; CHICAGO: ‘Make steel not war’

30 years later, Peltier still battles for justice

Leonard Peltier, the long-imprisoned American Indian Movement activist, sent out a recent message to supporters: “We are all geared up to file more appeals on new information my legal team has found while reviewing withheld documents. I want you to know that we will continue to fight for my freedom.”

Anti-immigrant rallies fizzle in Texas, elsewhere

DENTON, Texas — A group calling itself “Lone Star Minutemen” called a statewide protest against immigrant day laborers in this college town in the early morning of Jan. 7. Supporters of the group had declared their intention to carry out anti-immigrant actions in Texas’ major cities. They were undoubtedly disappointed with the response they received here.

Fla. high court nixes school vouchers

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Supreme Court dealt a stunning blow to Gov. Jeb Bush’s highly touted state-sanctioned school voucher program Jan. 5, with a 5-2 majority declaring it unconstitutional.

Abramoff pleads guilty, DeLay throws in towel

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to influence peddling and his crony, Rep. Tom DeLay, Republican of Texas, gave up his drive to win back his post as House Majority Leader last weekend.

Crowds pack Out of Iraq meetings across nation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Five hundred people turned out to hear antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, actor Sean Penn and other speakers at the Out of Iraq Town Hall Forum here Jan. 7, one of over 130 similar meetings held nationwide in partnership with


From the editor: Saluting all of Kings legacy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably the most important American thinker and leader of the 20th century. This weekend millions of people in the U.S. and around the world will honor his birthday and his contributions to the African American freedom struggle, voting and civil rights for all, workers’ rights, peace, democracy and human dignity. The People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo adds its continuing salute to King and the freedom movement he led (see editorial, page 12).

In wake of mine disaster, mourning turns to outrage on safety issues

PHILIPPI, W.Va. — “I just don’t have words. No words,” said a woman leaving funeral services for David Lewis, 28, one of the 12 miners killed Jan. 2 in the Sago Mine. “But I’ll say this much. We will do what we have to, whatever it takes, to protect our miners. Whatever we have to.” click here for Spanish text

Freedom Winter campaign demands Stop Alito

As hearings open, labor, civil rights, women’s groups call for Senate rejection WASHINGTON — Judge Samuel Alito spun a “rags to riches” tale in his opening testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. But his record, brought to light during the committee’s confirmation hearings, and by a broad human rights coalition, exposed him as a judge who panders to the rich and powerful. click here for Spanish text

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