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The ABCs of the U.S. embargo against Cuba

The UN General Assembly regularly and nearly unanimously rejects the 40-plus-year-old U.S. economic blockade against Cuba. Yet the U.S. government intensifies its assaults. Public knowledge about U.S. policies and awareness of what’s happening inside Cuba are both limited.

Bay Area teachers step up the struggle

Teachers in Oakland and San Francisco returned from their holiday break ready to step up sharp struggles for better teaching and learning conditions, wages and health benefits.

Marxism: the science of society and social change

Over 150 years ago, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels founded the scientific study of society, or scientific socialism. After Marx died, Engels carried their studies a step further by laying the theoretical foundations of dialectical materialism in his book “Dialectics of Nature.”

A resolution for 2006: Take back Congress

The battle for the House and Senate looms large with the arrival of the new year, as opposition mounts to the Bush administration agenda. While some pundits give only a small chance for Democrats to regain control of Congress in November’s elections, the shifting mood in the country predicts otherwise.

Emergency contraception: As health care professionals, can pharmacists just say no?

When taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse, emergency contraception (EC) can prevent pregnancy. Target recently announced that it would allow pharmacists at its stores to refuse to fill prescriptions for EC, if dispensing it would violate their religious beliefs.

Gulf Coast update

African American joblessness surges; Legal victory stops property demolition; Katrina survivors to rally in D.C.

N.Y. teachers on track with transit workers

On Dec. 14, 2005, the Delegate Assembly of the United Federation of Teachers in New York City voted to support the strike of the Transit Workers Union “by any means necessary.” The motion came from the floor of the assembly and was passed by acclamation.

Good news, bad news for Calif. health care

The good news about health care in California is that last year, many of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s efforts to slash health coverage for the poor and disabled were defeated, while coming up this year are measures including the single-payer bill SB 840 to cover all Californians, which passed the Senate last year.

This week in labor

Cheney puts the ‘vice’ in VP; Washing Angelica’s dirty linen; HR 676 support snowballs in December; USAS winter conference; And in the next aisle ...; Ralph’s Grocery indicted; Service Employees add 26,000 workers in Washington state; Wal-Mart wins ‘Grinch of Year’ title

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