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Pride Month: Suggested reading and viewing

These days you can find many LGBT titles at your local public library, nearby bookstore, and of course online. These include poetry, graphic novels and comics, classic and contemporary fiction and a whole lot more. Share your suggestions at

The hemispheric significance of the Honduras events

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has announced he will return to his country this weekend, accompanied by a distinguished group of Latin American and International figures including Organization of American States Secretary General José Miguel Insulza and the presidents of Argentina and Ecuador. He had originally planned to return on Thursday July 2, but postponed his arrival to allow for an ultimatum the OAS have given to the acting president of Honduras to expire. Although the illegal regime set up by the people who carried out the coup have threatened to arrest Zelaya if he returns, my guess is that the coup is done for, and that Zelaya’s return will be a march of triumph.


Some mid-summer-night reads

Here are a few choice books for summer reading brought to you by writers and readers of the People’s Weekly World.


The human toll of worker displacement

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 30 million full-time workers in the United States have been laid off since the start of the Reagan administration.

Concerts rock the world to save the planet

Simultaneous “Live Earth” concerts spanning seven continents, showcasing more than 100 performances by famous musicians, is arguably not the solution to the crisis of global warming, but at least it’s a start.

Health insurers worried sick over Michael Moore film

Filmmaker Michael Moore, on July 6, sent out a copy of a confidential memo forwarded to his office by an employee of Capital Blue Cross about suggest a plan of action for how the health insurance industry should deal with the movie..


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July 14: LETTERS

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