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Job gains weakest in 2 years

The latest employment report, released by the Labor Department June 3, showed job growth slowed nearly to a crawl in May. Employers boosted payrolls by only 78,000 after a hiring spurt of 274,000 in April.

Workers in Venezuela are now managers

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, speaking in Caracas on May Day, invited “all industry to be part of the new society,” saying, “We will help every industry to expand production and will provide the funding to do so. However, the only condition is that workers be allowed to be part of the management.”

Demonstrators hit string of anti-immigrant acts

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Southern California’s progressive activists are uniting in outrage over the failure of the Orange County district attorney and the Garden Grove police department to charge Minuteman Project supporter Hal Netkin for allegedly ramming his van into peaceful immigrant rights demonstrators May 25.

World Notes

Pakistan: Phone workers strike vs. privatization; Iraq: More journalists murdered; Argentina: Private water firm pulls out; Palestine: Workers’ situation worsening

Haitian regime aiming to disenfranchise poor

With five months to go before elections are held in Haiti, its Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is planning to disenfranchise many voters by refusing to register residents in poorer neighborhoods.

Japanese veterans reach out to China

While the Japanese government, under pressure from the Bush administration, continues to step up militarization and threaten other nations in the region, Japanese people have increasingly taken the stage to express a desire for peaceful relations with their neighbors.

Segregation still the norm in Philadelphia schools

PHILADELPHIA — In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that segregation in schools was unconstitutional. It took another 25 years to make any changes in the educational system in some cities, even in the North.

Protesters confront Bush at posh fundraiser

ST. LOUIS — More than 500 trade unionists, community activists and students protested outside a $2,000-a-plate fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Jim Talent here June 2. President Bush was the fundraiser’s guest of honor.

Arnolds problems multiply as election decision looms

As the mid-June deadline approaches for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to call a special election, voters are failing to support key issues in his program and his anti-immigrant remarks are further alienating many.

National Clips

LOS ANGELES: ‘Living wage’ works; MARION, Ala.: Delta health care crisis deepens; CYBERSPACE: haunts DeLay cronies; DURHAM, N.C.: Mayor leads protest against cross burnings

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