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IATSE members project a better image in NYC

NEW YORK — Union projectionists held an informational picket in front of the invitation-only gala at the new Independent Film Channel (IFC) theater here June 9, after management broke off talks with their union and hired nonunion, unlicensed projectionists, in violation of state law.

GM cuts 25,000: Bad news for whole working class

The action by General Motors in cutting 25,000 jobs — 22 percent of its U.S. workforce — spells big trouble for the U.S. working class.

New Mexico AFL-CIO: Call for labor unity, bring the troops home

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The biennial convention of the New Mexico Federation of Labor met here June 10-11. The 163 delegates began their full agenda with a greeting by Executive Director Daniel Rivera. Next followed a memorial in honor of recently deceased Los Angeles labor leader Miguel Contreras.

World Notes

S. Africa: Steel talks deadlock; S. Korea: Gov’t rejects migrant worker union; Uganda: President backs multiparty system; Colombia: Urge review of immunity pact; Australia: Protest U.S.-Australian military exercise

UN meet: Were losing the fight against AIDS

UNITED NATIONS — The world is losing ground in the fight against HIV and AIDS, UN officials told a special General Assembly conference here June 2.

Western Saharas quest for self-determination

Recent developments in northwestern Africa, along with worldwide observances of African Liberation Day, provide occasion to reflect on the continent’s last remaining colony, Western Sahara. The politics of oil, a repressive occupation, and a long-deferred referendum on self-determination are once again thrusting the territory into the world spotlight.

Texans slam privatization

LA MARQUE, Texas — About 200 Texans met in this small community adjacent to Texas City (location of the recent BP refinery explosion), June 11, to express their opposition to the Bush administration plan to privatize Social Security. They were treated to rousing speeches by Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston), Nick Lampson (former congressperson from Houston), Texas AFL-CIO President Emmett Sheppard and others.

L.A. hotel workers reach tentative pact

Only moments before some 2,500 workers at seven major Los Angeles hotels were to be locked out by their employers, leaders of UNITE HERE Local 11 and the L.A. Hotel Employers’ Council (EC) reached a tentative contract agreement in the early hours of June 11.

Calif. labor vows fight in special election

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped the proverbial other shoe June 13 with a long-anticipated announcement that a special election headlining his proposed ballot measures will be held Nov. 8.

National Clips

NEW PALTZ, N.Y.: Mayor faces charges for same-sex marriage ceremonies; WASHINGTON: High court defends ‘jury of peers’; WASHINGTON: Senate apologizes for inaction on lynchings; BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Execs convicted of pollution; E. PALO ALTO, Calif.: ‘Evict hazardous waste plant’

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