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New YCL-USA leader gets to work

Erica Smiley is looking forward to her new job as national coordinator of the Young Communist League USA. Smiley, 26, was elected at the YCL’s national convention Memorial Day weekend, succeeding outgoing coordinator Jessica Marshall, who was cheered by the delegates for her outstanding work.



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An important step forward

I agree with the assessment that the most important differences in the Communist Party’s preconvention discussion center on the proposed adoption of the main strategic line of defeating the ultra-right section of transnationals and the Bush administration by building the broadest possible all people’s coalition led by labor allied with racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women and youth and others.

Hunger strike for justice for Iraq

Leisa Faulkner, a Sacramento mother of five, is participating in a 15-day, international hunger strike in Geneva, Switzerland, in support of economic justice for Iraq.

Portuguese Communist leader fought facism

Alvaro Cunhal, former general secretary and president of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), died June 13 at the age of 91.

On Chicagos Labor Trail

Although much has changed since Carl Sandburg penned the classic description of Chicago, the echoes of that tremendous multiracial, working- class history can still be heard and felt today.

Hypocrisy is the least of their crimes

George Bush gets a bum rap. If you match words and deeds, his hypocrisy is undeniable. But judged on actions alone, he and his crew are models of consistency.

Are we stronger if were divided?

Our labor movement and people are under the greatest assault in the history of our movement. The attacks are coming from the combined forces of the Bush administration, Congress, corporations and the ultra-right. Labor, as never before, is struggling to find answers. How can we grow our unions? How can we build a wide enough coalition to change the direction of our nation in favor of working people? How can we stop the attacks on our rights and living standards and obtain real rights for workers to organize?

Weaknesses in partys draft program

In response to Daniel Rubin’s article, “On critics from the ‘left’” (PWW, 6/18-24), I agree with his statement that it is important to avoid misstatements of facts and sweeping characterizations that are not supported by evidence. Unfortunately, his article displays those very flaws.

Editorial: Verdict is just a beginning

After more than four decades, former KKK member Edgar Ray Killen has been convicted of masterminding the Klan murder of James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, three civil rights workers in 1964 Mississippi.

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