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Somos el partido de esperanza We are the party of hope: the Colombian Communist Party

BOGOTA, Colombia — The office of the Colombian Communist Party (PCC) is on a pleasant residential street in this nation’s capital. click here for Spanish text

Cheney offers to transfer detainees to his underground lair

The debate over the future of the detention center at Guantanamo, Cuba, was ramped up another notch today as Vice President Dick Cheney offered to transfer all detainees held there to the secure undisclosed location he calls home.

New wave of support for HR 676

“America’s trillion-dollar health care system would be far more efficient if all the money spent on administrative costs and insurance profit went directly to health care. There’s only one way to do that effectively: single-payer coverage administered by the federal government.” Thus spoke the Roanoke Times and World News in a May 7 editorial. The newspaper joins New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Charles (W. Va.) Gazette, and the Des Moines Register and many other papers in calling for single-payer health care.

Tennessee cuts services to disabled

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen has sentenced persons with disabilities who require ventilators to “life imprisonment” in a nursing home, according to a statement issued by a civil rights organization for persons with disabilities.

Union pension funds exercise clout

DETROIT (PAI) — Union investment money is doing the talking — and in some cases, the walking — as organized labor is moving into a renewed strategy of using pension dollars to win work for members, improve their standing, and further union political goals.

World Notes

Angola: Desperate plight of children; China: Boost developing countries role in UN; Venezuela: Int’l oil firms owe big tax bill; Finland: Paper strike/lockout continues; Pakistan: Troops jail workers

Rigged election blocks Irans path to reform

Iran’s ultraconservative clerical establishment has denied millions of voters the chance to continue on the path of reform by rigging the results of the June 17 presidential election.

Education gets huge boost in Venezuela

Revolution, suggests radical educator Paulo Freire, is “the ultimate teacher … giving first place to the indispensable role of education in the process of forming the New Woman and the New Man.” Although Freire wrote these words almost 30 years ago, in his preface to Jonathan Kozol’s book “Children of the Revolution,” he could have been writing about Venezuela today.

Bush aid to Africa called crumbs

WASHINGTON — Aid groups blasted President George W. Bush for refusing additional development aid for Africa, branding his offer of $674 million during a meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair “crumbs.”

UAW resisting GM onslaught

The United Auto Workers union is digging in its heels to protect its members, their families and communities from General Motors’ drastic job cuts.

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