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Jobs, justice and climate: what the G20 must do to ensure global economic recovery

As G20 finance ministers gather in the UK today (Friday) to agree the world's response to the economic crisis, the Put People First platform has released a blueprint charting a path out of global recession that places jobs, justice and climate at the centre of global action.

New report shows global gender pay gap bigger than previously thought

A new report released by the ITUC for March 8, International Women’s Day, has revealed that the pay gap between men and women worldwide may be much higher than official government figures. The report, “Gender (in)Equality in the Labour Market”, is based on survey results of some 300,000 women and men in 20 countries. It puts the global pay gap at up to 22%, rather than the 16.5% figure taken from official government figures and released by the ITUC on March 8 last year.

States and cities look to freeze wages; threaten layoffs

State and city workers across the country are facing threats of layoffs if they don’t agree to have wages frozen.

Charter of rights of working women

Women work every day. No matter where they live, their economic activity is vital to the economy and society at large, their communities, their families and their personal autonomy and growth as human beings.


New NLRB chief sees a future where workers rights top the agenda

For years, as a member of the National labor Relations Board, she spoke out against the Bush-appointed majority on that board. For years she felt frustration over how, in ruling after ruling, that board interpreted key parts of the National Labor relations Act in ways that hurt workers. Now, after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, she has become the chairman of that board.

Feminists urge confirmation of Solis

The delay is over! The Feminist Majority is excited to announce that the Senate will be voting tomorrow on the nomination of Hilda Solis for Secretary of Labor.

Strikers back in talks after Guadeloupe pay offer

Strike leaders in Guadeloupe resumed negotiations on Friday after Paris pledged to boost pay for low wage earners by almost 200 euros (£176) a month. But the Collective Against Exploitation (LKP), the alliance of trade unions and left-wing groups that launched a general strike on January 20, did not call off the action.

Nissan to shed 20,000 car workers

JAPANESE car manufacturer Nissan declared on Monday that it is slashing 20,000 jobs or 8.5 per cent of its global workforce.

Trade unionists unite to debate crisis of capitalism

Original source: TRADE unionists from across the country gathered at the Communist Party of Britain's headquarters in Croydon over the weekend to debate the impact of the current capitalist crisis.

AFL-CIO, SEIU leaders take off gloves in Solis fight

Original source: After keeping a low profile while GOP legislators blocked Obama's Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis because of her support of the Employee Free Choice Act, top labor leaders today came out swinging. The right-wing has seized on the newly revealed tax problems of her husband and her unpaid, ceremonial position with a pro-union organization, American Rights at Work, claiming a conflict of interest.

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