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Invisible giants honored in Selma

SELMA, Ala. — They were “invisible giants,” women and men who served as foot-soldiers of the struggle for voting rights.

Doris Glenn 1920-2005

Doris Margaret Glenn born July 5, 1920, was called home to God on Feb. 27, after a 10 year battle with MS.

Lessons from the Maine paperworkers strike

BOOK REVIEW Divided We Fall By Peter Kellman Apex Press, 2004 Softcover, 194 pp., $29.95

Irish women will be heard

NEW YORK — Several months ago, when I was appearing in “Women on the Verge of HRT” at the Irish Arts Center, Marie Jones (author of “Stones in his Pockets” and “Women on the Verge”) went into a bookstore and asked where was the section that included work by Irish women. The clerk paused for a moment and then said, “Madam, there are no Irish women playwrights!”

Military recruiters have unrivaled access to public schools

Should parents have the right to choose to protect a child from being targeted by military recruiters in school? Is it an inherent part of public school education to be pressured to sign an irrevocable contract and join the U.S. armed forces?

A peasant stand up thus?

OPINION In Shakespeare’s monumental tragedy, King Lear, a series of appalling crimes are committed in a context of betrayal, torture, war and invasion.

Does Wal-Mart speak for women?

Does Wal-Mart speak for women? Wal-Mart has been hitting the airways with regular television commercials. A lot of them, maybe even most of them, depict happy women. Happy women shoppers and happy women workers.

What is freedom?

OPINION Bush means freedom for corporations to own the world’s natural resources, the labor market, public space and socially produced wealth. He is talking about the ruling class’s freedom to exploit and wage war.


No compromise on Social Security / Bolton unfit for the UN

Powerful drugs endanger unprotected health workers

As an oncologist, I was troubled to read “What if the Cure is also a Cause?” in the Feb. 15 edition of the Washington Post.

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