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Oscar highlights (and lowlights)

This year’s Oscar-nominated films made statements about love, tolerance and humanity. That inspired reporters backstage to ask some interesting questions of the winners.

Belarus target of latest democracy campaign

A recent scuffle outside of the All Belarusian People’s Congress in which presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was arrested and suffered minor injuries has drawn international attention, with much of the media saying Kozulin is a “pro-democracy advocate” who has suffered at the hands of a “dictatorship.”


Drive to rename Chicago street for Fred Hampton

CHICAGO — Moon’s Sandwich Shop is a low-key diner where residents of this Westside neighborhood can go to eat breakfast, any time of day. Most of the workers and customers are African American.



Philippines: State of emergency denounced Pakistan: Cuban medics aid quake victims Palestine: DFLP urges coalition government Guinea: General strike paralyzes country France: Toxic ship turned back

Calif. gov fighting uphill battle

Despite Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s efforts to reinvent himself as a moderate, California’s voters are only slightly more inclined to re-elect him than they were on the eve of his historic drubbing in the November 2005 special election, according to a Field Poll released last week.