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Remembering Gloria Freedman

Remembering Gloria Freedman

Honoring Paul Robeson: A hero for all time.

April 9, 2008 will mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of Paul Robeson, a scholar, athlete, singer, actor and fighter for freedom, peace and social justice for all.

Celebrating a gold mine of Paul Robeson films

Truly a gold mine for film students, film history and African American history, the Criterion Collection makes classic films available on the consumer market, in contemporary formats. In 2007, they released a four-DVD set containing highlights about the film career of American legend Paul Robeson, divided into four categories: Icon, Outsider, Pioneer and Citizen of the World.

Cuba freeze thawing

Do 50 years of U.S. intransigence toward Cuba mean we are stuck in a political ice age on the issue, immune from change, or is that era already ending?

Paying for biofuels in your supermarket

On March 12, representatives of about 80 of America’s largest baking companies, representing more than 85 percent of our baking industry, marched in Washington to protest the dangerously low supplies of wheat, rye and other grains. The “Band of Bakers March on Washington” highlighted, among other things, that use of corn for ethanol and soybeans for biodiesel is impacting food security here and abroad.

The speech that moved the nation

Barack Obama made a magnificent contribution to the fight against racism and for unity in his March 18 speech on race.

LETTERS: March 29

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EDITORIAL: Stop scapegoating immigrants!

The Republican leaders in Congress and the Bush administration continue trying to score points in an election year by using undocumented immigrants as scapegoats for their owned failed policies.

Flying the frightful skies: Outsourcing and deregulation make their mark

The prevailing notion has been that being killed by a fall in the shower or an object falling from a tall building is more likely than dying in a plane crash. But these days fear of flying may make sense, as the airline industry eliminates systems that have kept people safe as they hurtle 600 miles an hour 35,000 feet above the earth.

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