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Iowa author tells The Truth in latest book

Book review The Truth By Mike Palecek Writers Publishing Cooperative, 2003, paperback, 234 pp, $16.95. To order call (888) 874-6904 or visit

Every Mothers Son

Film review Film about police brutality wins Tribeca award Every Mother’s Son “In the winter of 1994, police killings were on our minds because they were so much a part of our environment in New York City,” directors Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold explained in a statement.

The Illinois drivers license bill the real story

Opinion While the struggle continues for legal status for the undocumented, immigrant communities and their allies continue to fight for several related goals.

Havent we learned anything from the Holocaust?

Opinion I wanted to stay out of it, hoping that someone else would make a comparison between the torturers in the Iraqi prisons and the Nazi death camps. But I can’t.

Jobs mission accomplished?

As soon as President Bush heard the latest employment report, he headed out to Andrews Air Force Base, stopping only to pick up his flight suit at the dry cleaner’s.

U.S. to reopen Till case

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Justice Department said May 10 it is reopening the investigation into the 1955 murder of Emmett Till, a Black teenager whose murder while visiting Mississippi was an early catalyst for the civil rights movement.

Take action! Support Mejia objector to the Iraq War

Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia had served three years in the Army and almost five in Florida’s National Guard when he was deployed to Iraq in April 2003. He saw the brutalizing effects the war had on his fellow soldiers.