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Coalition calls day of youth action for peace

Thousands of high school and college students and other young people around the country are organizing marches, teach-ins, demonstrations, vigils and other creative actions on campuses and in communities as part of a national day of action Nov. 15.

Humanitarian crisis: stop the bombs

Isn’t it time to step back from the relentless bombing of Afghanistan? Isn’t it time for suspension of bombing?

Dear Peoples Weekly World Reader

Sept. 11 changed the world forever. That is what the corporate media keeps telling us. And it is true. But does their uncritical backing of George W. Bush’s “war on terrorism” suggest that they have learned any lessons from that tragedy?

Banquet honors Phila. activists

PHILADELPHIA – A crowd of well-wishers gathered at the Stadium Holiday Inn here for the annual People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo Banquet Nov.5. They were there to honor two outstanding leaders and activists – Pedro Rodriguez and Frances Gabow.

Day of Action: Free the Charleston 5

The national spotlight is once again on South Carolina as five dockworkers, four African-American and one white, seek justice in a Charleston court this week when their long-awaited trial begins.

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