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Some terrific new childrens books

Right now public libraries and local bookstores are featuring titles for African American history month, and next month they will be featuring titles on women’s history. Here are some new titles for children that you won’t want to miss.

White House seeks to block food sales to Cuba

The Bush administration wants to close a hole in the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba. Congress passed legislation in 2000 opening up sales of U.S. farm products to the island nation, but machinations at U.S ports and a recent Treasury Department pronouncement suggest that the Bush administration is scheming to put an end to such sales. Congresspeople from the farm states, however, are not falling into line.

What I wish I had said on Veterans Day

Last Veterans Day, I was in a nursing home with a broken ankle, and all us war veterans were invited to a meeting in the day room. We had the usual inspirational patriotic songs and then the hostess introduced some speakers from the VFW and the American Legion, and several other individuals.

Ft. Benning, Ga. has a school for terrorists

Since the vicious and compounded horrors of Sept. 11, U.S. Americans have been forced into a heightened intimacy with “terrorism.” It has come home with a vengeance and in a manner hitherto unimaginable.

Forging a peace majority

The Bush Administration seeks to ride the crest of popular demand for security against terrorism through Congress and the courts with their own agenda.

Socialist patriotism in the present crisis

To be a patriot is to love one's country, people and civilization without hating others, without thinking yourself superior. American revolutionaries were patriots, as were Yugoslav and Chinese Communists, who led their people against Nazi and Japanese invaders. European Communists and socialists who organized resistance movements against the Nazis, their allies, and fascist puppets were patriots.

Maine city to push for universal health care

PORTLAND, Me. – The Portland City Council decided Nov. 19 to add its muscle to a push for universal health care in Maine.

Regional meeting to oppose FTAA wraps up in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba – The Hemispheric Meeting to Oppose the Free Trade Area of the Americas ended its four days of sessions Nov. 16 in the Cuban capital.

The uses and abuses of anti-Communism

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Addressing Parliament on Sept. 20, South African Foreign Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said, among other things, that South Africa is opposed to terrorism.

Arizonas second biggest county wins Chavez holiday

PIMA COUNTY. Ariz. – Bowing to a well-organized campaign and public pressure, the Pima County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 13 approved a Cesar Chavez paid holiday by a vote of 3 to 2.

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